Why advertise with The Beginner? The magazine and its advertisers have a common goal: engage as many readers as possible to select our product from the many available in the market. This is why we strive to provide our potential advertisers with enough background information to help them understand what audience visits the website. As a part of this analysis we inform about the geographical location of visitors and potential for development.

The Beginner lives up to its goal to target EU audiences as 56% of the readers access the website from an EU country. The international interest that constitutes 44% of all visitors demonstrates that the website has an excellent potential for development on the international stage. Such eventuality fits well with The Beginner's intention to introduce internationally oriented sections on doing business in the East (Europe and Asia) and in the USA.

An analysis of the number of returning visitors versus new visitors indicates that despite a solid base of established readers, The Beginner still has a big potential for growth. We hope to saturate this potential by hiring more staff, publishing more articles and introducing new rubrics. Advertising Opportunities The advertising opportunities on The Beginner are customised to fit the needs of our clients and their business. As a result, the size and type of advertisement banners can be altered in response to specific requests. Advertisers can also choose where to locate their banners: On the homepage In a specific section On all pages In a middle of an article in a single section In a middle of an article in all sections Sponsor a promotional article about the company itself Join us to gain access to a highly selective team and a permium audience.

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